Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buschart Gardens in Canada

My parents, Burt and I took a drive up to Victoria on Vancouver Island to see the Buschart Gardens. It's a bit of a trek from Seattle involving 3-4 ferries, a few long drives and lots of ferry food. But WOW! it was completely worth it as the gardens are amazing. The pictures don't do it justice. The end of June was a terrific time to go with all the flowers in bloom.

Mom and Dad hanging out in the parking lot garden

Mom and Burt next to some seriously big flowers

Front garden when you enter the park

Beautiful hanging garden

Video I made for Mark showing him all the "doing much better than ours" hanging Fuchsia

The amazing Sunken Garden that used to be a quarry

Video of the Sunken Garden

Mom, Dad and Burt in the Sunken Garden

Side garden view in the Sunken Garden

Pathway through the Sunken Garden

Fountain in the back of the Sunken Garden. The trees were planted to block the view of the cement factory located behind Buschart Gardens.

Video of Fountain in Sunken Garden

Even the trash cans are pretty

Concert area with a very cool looking Monkey Puzzle Tree

Mom, Burt and me in the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden with lots and lots of different rose species

Rose Garden Video

Rose covered arches in the Rose Garden

Mom and Dad in the Japanese Garden

Entrance to the Italian Gardens

The quaint Italian Gardens

Video of Italian Gardens

Doorway to the Italian Garden

Cute awnings in the Italian Garden

One of the walls in the Italian Garden

Indoor "Photo shoot" garden setup for awesome photos

Nice garden just outside the park exit

View of the Victoria wharf from the ferry

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